Welcome to Necropolis Studio Productions!

So, you're asking yourself..."Who or what is NSP and why am I here?"

First of all your curiosity most likely brought you to our site and we're glad that it did. So lets start with this... NSP is dedicated to producing original audio drama podcasts. But don't let the word podcast fool you. Our shows will be available for download, listening to on the internet, and of course if you want to subscribe to our podcasts as well.

We've been asked many times..."Why use the word necropolis for your name? Doesn't it mean something dead?" No not exactly, it comes from the Greek nekcropolis which translates to "city of the dead". A word used to describe a very large cemetery that might have been elaborate and ancient. Death being the end... A final resting place for our earthly bodies. Kind of morbid some might say, but consider this...

"In the recess of your mind lies a dark corner in search of the unknown. 'What if?' is the question and your imagination the driving force for the answer. A battle between good and evil? The fight between life and death. The yearning to know what might and could happen. 'What If?'"

                                                                                                      -= The Gatekeeper =-

That is the driving force behind Necropolis Studio Productions. Those things that might bring us to that final resting place. As the human thirst for knowledge collides with the sprint to develop new technologies and sciences. "What If?"



Necropolis Studio Productions produces non-profit original radio drama productions for the enjoyment of radio drama fans. There is no profit being made from this site. All music and/or special effects are used under the creative commons copyright for free non-commercial use podcasting. No infringements intended.

©2009 Dave Frizzell and Necropolis Studio Productions