Staff Voice Actors/Staff Writers - Auditions

If you are interested in being a Staff Voice Actor, please contact us at and we will send you the information.

Audio Drama - Auditions Misc Info

-Please record in MP3 format at 44100Hz and 128 bit rate or higher.
-Please make sure that background noise is at a minimum, no clicks, and no puffs are present in your recordings.
-Save each line separately.
-Label them as "Yourname_Charactername_Line#.mp3"

Contact Info.
-Please send all files in a zip file and include a text file with your contact information such email, credits name (no forum nicknames)etc. to
-Please include an MP3 audio file of you saying your name. This will help the Narrator for the end credits.
-Label zip files as "Yourname_Audio Drama Name"
-Ex: DaveFrizzell_Audio Drama Name

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the above e-mail.

**Please follow the detailed instructions that are listed above when submitting an audition. Good luck!**

Biologist - Dr. Gareth Bennett (vampire)
British accent if possible, if not a very educated cultured sort of voice. He sounds as if he is in his twenties or early thirties and is very attractive. He does a lot of research into a scientific method that vampires can use to drink blood without killing or turning the victim.

Line 1 - It seems that Miss Johnson was quite a conspiracy theorist. (beat) Hmm no mention of vampires, I'm not sure if I should feel offended by the omission. Still, one couldn't expect a journal of this sort to be factual.
Line 2 - Unhand me, Vivien, without delay... unburden yourself of the errand you have come to inform me of. And stop handling my things! They are antiques!
Line 3 - (internal narration) Far below, multi-coloured lights flickered as a heartbeat of the city. My keen senses pinpointed a tiny upright figure poised on a corner... harsh light cast through a railing danced in bar patterns across the detective's face. A group of ill-dressed youngsters loudly paraded past, jeering in his direction.

Photographer - Nikki Johnson (human)
Pretty girl in her twenties, higher pitched sweet sort of voice, needs to do fantastic screams.

Line 1 - (scream in terror) Stop! I didn't mean any harm! (shriek in agony as are killed with an axe)
Line 2 - Yes, but are you sure? (beat) I mean there was that vampire piece I wanted to run, but if you found an actual alien to photograph, then obviously I'll submit that one instead.

Detective Sarah O'Toole (human)
She has no idea her partner is a crazed alien, and she finds herself slowly attracted to the young biologist who keeps interfering in the investigation. Late 20s early 30s, deep rich sort of voice.

Line 1 - Shut up, Jim. (beat) Doc, you shouldn't have picked it up. Now we lose all the chance of fingerprinting.
Line 2 - (dreamily) Gareth... oh yeah, where did you find the book? (beat) It might give us an indication of where she was running from. (beat) And how do you know it was hers?
Line 3 - Hello? Is someone there?

Detective Jim Redfield (alien)
Rough tough sort of police officer, starting to get on in years (late 40s early 50s) but also needs to sound like a freaky sort of alien as well.

Line 1 - I hope you ain't drivin' home, doc, because you sure are plastered.
Line 2 - Whatever, can't you see the line? Ya'know, that big bright yellow stuff taped around to keep jokers like you out?
Line 3 - (alien voice... guttural, deep, and ruff) Don't you get it? You Earthlings are the waste of the universe. (beat) Haven't you enjoyed squishing the cockroach that dared get into your house? That delicious sensation of hearing the oozing of its insides as they splatter reassuringly on your floor?

Reporter (human)
Young man who is a bit flustered at his job, but also loves doing it. He doesn't get out much and has a bit of a geeky voice.

Line 1 - Well, to be honest, I did overhear the tip that sent her out. (beat) There was this stunner, see, she walked in head to toe in black leather& and wow& so I may have paid a bit more attention than usual.
Line 2 - As I said, Vivien sure was a looker.



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